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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the defining technology of most of our current software solutions. Being a part of the computer science discipline, AI takes you on a tour where it could be integrated with a bunch of other technologies to provide some of the best applications and programs. The need for intelligent and skilled decision-making across enterprises and industries is growing. The incorporation of technologies has even led to an exponential growth in the adoption of technologies like AI and ML. And the best part is that they are expected to remain relevant for a really long time.

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Artificial Intelligence Boot Camp Program Description

Artificial Intelligence Boot Camp duration is of 2 months, which includes – live classes with the instructors, Boot Camp & certification project. By the end of the course, you will become proficient with AI Algorithms, Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Statistics components that will help you up-skill master in the field of AI.

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Key Features 

blue-cirlceMentored by top Industry Experts of 6+ Years of Experience   

blue-cirlceAI Boot Camp Participation Certificate

blue-cirlce MTA Certificate from MICROSOFT

blue-cirlceHands on Experience with Real-Time Projects and Assignments 

blue-cirlcePerformance Certificate



With what you have gained including experience, get the shot in the arm for your career prospects and interviews with skills and certificates to back your talk and stand tall among others in the crowd.


Course Curriculum

Helps us build ML models, understand data and pre-processing, usage of Classification, regression, AzureML Cheat Sheet, Clustering and relevant case studies; Azure Cloud API.

Helps us learn to Clean data, understand concepts of word frequency, Stemming, Lemmatization, Understand Inverse Document Frequency, word embedding, case studies on Sentiment Analysis.

Understanding of Text Analysis, components of NLP, Introduction to NLTK library for Python and Spacy.

Understanding of RNN and LSTM, Citing real-world AI examples




Discussion of Mini project as a part of the curriculum.

Introduction to Bots, Microsoft Bot framework, creating a basic Bot; Usage of ML for Bot Intelligence; Creation of QnA Service, Bot for learning the audio-text recognition skills of Cortana.

Creating, Improvising and Consuming a LUIS App.

Discussion of Minor Project 2 as a part of the curriculum.




Introduction to Image Processing Basics, equalization and open CV.

Learning about Filters, Edge Detection, Corner Detection.

Understanding Image Classification, Image Analysis, Face Detection and Recognition.

Discussion of Major Project as a part of the curriculum.



Companies who hire AI Job Aspirants

 AI which is Future of Technology many Tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, etc,. are working on it Since, there is lot of demand for engineers to work on AI. AI engineers are hired by Global MNCs like Amazon, Microsoft, General Electric, Accenture, Alibaba etc and are very valuable to the companies.



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Frequently asked questions

 If a beginner who wants to start their career in AI  and an experienced professional who wants to switch from their existing domain and climb the AI phase of programming should opt for this course.

Major companies working in the AI sector include Amazon, Google, Facebook and DJI (Drone Tech). Examples of Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant are well-known examples of the application of AI in the industry.

Artificial Intelligence is predominantly used in fields such as automation and robotics. In short, AI has found usage in almost every facet of human life and industry right from financial services, facial recognition in smartphones and drone technology which is the next-gen application.

Definitely! If you want to shift to software developer career path, then this course is perfect for you!

Since, due to corona everything has been shifted to online and we too hence, you can attend Live Intractive Classes on platforms like Zoom and Google Meet Prior to the commencemnt of the program class schedule and timings will be updated to you.