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Machine Learning has become the foundation of many computing principles and careers. This course will complement your learning experience with the blend of Machine Learning Achieve your career goals with our Machine Learning Boot Camp, rated the highest by our student base. The implication of such a trend will improve your reachability and explore different segments of technology.

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Machine Learning Boot Camp Program Description

Machine Learnig Boot Camp duration is of 2 months, which includes – live classes with the instructors & certification project. By the end of the course, you will become proficient in Machine Learning that will help you up-skill yourself and also you will be all set with the basics to pursue in Datascience / AI feild.

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Key Features 

blue-cirlceMentored by top Industry Experts of 6+ Years of Experience   

blue-cirlceMachine Learning Boot Camp Participation Certificate

blue-cirlce MTA Certificate from MICROSOFT

blue-cirlceHands on Experience with Real-Time Projects and Assignments 

blue-cirlcePerformance Certificate



With what you have gained including experience, get the shot in the arm for your career prospects and interviews with skills and certificates to back your talk and stand tall among others in the crowd.


Course Curriculum

Understand the importance of Machine Learning and how we use it in our daily tasks.

Learn Pandas, a very popular Python library used for data analysis.

Learn how to write ML algorithms and write codes to make programs more intelligent.

Implement ML algorithms on a set of data to recognize and analyse programs




Get introduced to NLP, which enables a connection between machines and humans

  • Face Detection
  • Wine Quality Prediction
  • Music Recommendation System

Project will be asssigned at the end of Boot Camp which need to be submitted within given time-period



Companies who hire ML Job Aspirants

Machine Learning is a part of AI which is Future of Technology many Tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, etc,. are working on it Since, there is lot of demand for engineers to work on AI along with this ML is really important in Datascience as well again which is used by lot of Companies. ML engineers are hired by Global MNCs like Amazon, Microsoft, General Electric, Accenture, Alibaba etc and are very valuable to the companies.



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            Our courses are offered at the best rates in the  industry that fit perfectly in your budget and offer you the best services. 








Pre-enrolment price ₹1000

Frequently asked questions

 If a beginner who wants to start their career in AI/Datascience and an experienced professional who wants to switch from their existing domain and climb the AI/Datascience phase of programming should opt for this course.

Pursuing a career in Machine Learning is not as easy as it looks. Therefore, it is important to understand the technology in-depth with a hands-on experience that one can get through this course.

The average salary of an ML engineer in India is around 12LPA and can go as high as 30LPA with increased experience.


ML engineers are hired by Global MNCs like Amazon, Microsoft, General Electric, Accenture, Alibaba etc and are very valuable to the companies.

No Pre-requisite is required

Definitely! If you want to shift to software developer career path, then this course is perfect for you!

Since, due to corona everything has been shifted to online and we too hence, you can attend Live Intractive Classes on platforms like Zoom and Google Meet Prior to the commencemnt of the program class schedule and timings will be updated to you.